Why is the SumGuard® so super?


SumGuard® was engineered to provide a smooth primed surface that does not chip, crack or peel. It’s an engineered prime coating infused with wood fiber, permitting the coating to expand and contract with the wood without peeling or bubbling — even under extreme heat and cold.

The result is a product with a perfectly primed surface ready for paint immediately after installation. SumGuard® is designed for interior applications.


For exterior applications, CTI has engineered an exterior prime coating infused with wood fiber and waterproof exterior bonding agents. This proprietary coating uses a non-water soluble resin, which inhibits the wicking of moisture when exposed to elements.

It has passed severe weather testing (including the boil test!) without cracking, peeling, or bubbling in either extreme cold or heat. This premium product is engineered to endure the extremes of outdoor applications and provides a smooth, primed paint ready surface.



Why is the SumGuard® second to none?

  • SumGuard® is engineered to trap resins from bleeding through the prime
  • SumGuard® will not crack, peel, or bubble like other prime coatings—even under extreme heat and cold
  • SumGuard® machines like wood, because it is!
  • SumGuard® consistently passes all ASTM testing standards for paint and primer adhesion
  • SumGuard® provides smooth surface
  • Each SumGuard® product is visually inspected for defects and is sanded prior to shipment with a minimum of 180 grit
  • SumGuard® is field proven

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