Wilson Ye is General Operations Manager for CTI in China.

He brings an unparalleled understanding of the wood manufacturing industry in China with over 20 years of working experience representing Chinese manufacturers. Additionally, he has represented numerous European and American entities with production units in mainland China.

During his career, he has held the following positions: Quality Engineer and Manager of China Jianghai Wood Products Co., Ltd., the first joint venture in the Chinese wood industry; Wood Products QC and Sourcing Manager at Trayton Group, a Danish furniture and wood business; and Product Sourcing Manager of Saint-Gobain Group, Shanghai Sourcing Center.

In 2004, Wilson joined CTI as its first China operations' employee. During his tenure, Wilson's role has included supplier/partner development as well as customer relationship management and business development. He also oversees all CTI China operation and employment issues. Under his leadership, CTI China has experienced significant growth in production levels.

Wilson holds an equivalent bachelor's degree in wood engineering and process technology from Nanjing Forestry University.